How Much Time Does Your Staff Spend On Insurance Verification Per New Patient?

Insurance Benefits Verification Calculator

Insurance Benefits Verification Savings Calculator

Formula for Average Value Per Completed Plan of Care:
Revenue Per Visit × Length of Stay (in visits)
  • Time Efficiency

    Online verification offers instant insurance details, significantly faster than calls or multiple logins.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden:

    Automates and simplifies tasks, reducing workload and human error.

  • Consistency and Standardization

    Ensures uniform procedures and records across all locations.

  • Real-Time Updates and Accuracy:

    Provides current and accurate insurance information for billing and eligibility.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience:

    Quick and efficient verification leads to greater patient satisfaction.

Missed Call Text Back Feature

ROI Impact Calculator

Missed Call Text Back Calculator

ROI of Missed Call Text Back Feature

Conversion Rate = (Number of Missed Calls Turned into New Patient Appointments) / (Total Number of Missed Calls) x 100%

This formula calculates the percentage of missed calls that are successfully converted into New Patient Appointments.

  • Automated Responses to Missed Calls:

    Instant text message to callers when their call is missed.

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement:

    Ensures patients feel valued, even when calls are missed.

  • Improved Communication Efficiency:

    Reduces time spent on returning missed calls.

  • Decreased Appointment No-Shows:

    Easy text rescheduling reduces missed appointments.

  • Better Patient Satisfaction:

    Modern, convenient patient interaction enhances experience.

The Missing Link to Capturing More Referrals: Our Efficient Referral Management Dashboard

Referral Dashboard Management

Referral Management Platform

Description Amount
Total Monthly Revenue Generated: $0
Total Annual Revenue Generated: $0
Formula: (Average Revenue Per Visit × Average Length of Stay) × Total Referrals Saved × Number of Locations
  • Efficient Referral Tracking:

    Seamlessly manage referrals across multiple locations, reducing missed appointments and increasing revenue.

  • Reduce Clutter and Lost Referrals:

    Reduce the chance of misplacing a referral and automate reminders to follow up with referrals that may not answer the first time you call

  • Track Referral Status:

    Easily track the status of all referrals and notify administration if a referral has not been scheduled or if they declined scheduling

  • Operational Efficiency:

    Significantly reduce administrative workloads, leading to lower costs and improved staff productivity.

  • Informed Strategic Decisions:

    Easily analyze patient data for effective growth strategies and informed decision-making.

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